New Mexico Patient Numbers Dip

New Mexico’s medical marijuana program is struggling to grow its patient base, and some believe it’s due to the challenging process of registering for an MMJ card.

A spokesman for New Mexico’s Department of Health said 1,385 patients joined the program during the first quarter of the year, however 1,528 patients left during that period.

The numbers equate to a net loss of 143 patients. Currently, the state has 11,083 patients registered to receive medical marijuana.

, New Mexico Patient Numbers DipAccording to sources within New Mexico’s medical marijuana industry, the patient number has lagged because there are only a handful of doctors who prescribe the plant.

Also, patients can sometimes wait several weeks to meet with a licensed practitioner who will help them obtain an application for a license. The Department of Health can take up to 30 days to approve a license.

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2 comments on “New Mexico Patient Numbers Dip
  1. victoria smith on

    Only a handful of doctors prescribe – True. Health Department can take 30 days to approve – True. While NM has a medical marijuana statute, barriers to getting approved and finding a provider are huge. The small number of approvals means that the costs and efforts of providing medical marijuana aren’t worth it to potential providers. I researched the opportunity for a NM investor, and quickly determined that the market is just too small. So NM cannabis users continue to grow their own or purchase off the black market.

  2. Steven Wayne Martin TTEE on

    I experienced the problems of Victoria. It’s the intransigent politicians at the very top who have been stigmatized or paid for by big pharma. The law of necessity makes use of marijuana lawful for those who deem they need it. Natural law and divine law, and knowledge with understanding combine to provide the astute user of herbs with the wisdom to prevent irresponsible over use. It does not help the marijuana advocate that “humanis officianalis” interlopes in the individual lives and freedoms of mankind. As a self-governing nation, Americans better start exercising obvious liberties or they will atrophy from disuse. Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for lack of knowledge:…”

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