New Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Booming

There are roughly 21,000 people enrolled in New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis Program, nearly double the number since 2013, according to the state’s Health Department, KOAT news reported.

That means a lot – if not all – of the MMJ licensees in New Mexico have likely been doing quite well, with a booming customer base. And though the number of dispensaries hasn’t doubled to keep pace, the state did bolster the number of storefronts as of last October.

According to state statistics through late January, there were 23 licensed cannabis producers in operation, 12 more that have been licensed but haven’t opened yet, and one delivery option.

There are 21 qualifying conditions in the state, with post-traumatic stress disorder accounting for close to half of the state’s patients, and chronic pain more than a quarter.

Another Western state, Nevada, is also seeing a dramatic increase in patient numbers. Recently, the state has been receiving about 300 patient applications per month. If that pace continues, one state health official said, the number of patients will go from about 14,000 now to 60,000.

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2 comments on “New Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Patient Numbers Booming
  1. Sarijuana on

    And yet, the licensed producers are still fighting the safety testing in NM, and predicting gloom and doom in the way of shortages if they are forced to test according to the current rules. Sigh. I’m not buying into that line of BS. What a screwy mess.

  2. Trent on

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