New Oregon Business Turns Patient-Provided Cannabis into Edibles, Topicals

Here’s a novel idea for a medical marijuana company: Make edibles and smokeless products with pot provided by patients themselves.

Canna Kitchen & Research in Albany, Oregon, is doing just that, promising to let patients drop off their own cannabis one day and pick it up another in the form of cooking oil, tea, salves or tinctures.

The business, which opened last week, first cleans the marijuana provided by patients to eliminate dirt, mildew and pesticides before cooking it in a crock pot. Costs start at $35 to transform a quarter-ounce into one of seven smokeless products, according to the Albany Democrat-Herald, which noted that 12 patients stopped by on the first day of business.

The owner of Canna Kitchen said she doesn’t consider the business a dispensary, as it isn’t actually growing or selling marijuana.

One thing’s for sure: It’s a unique service in the MMJ industry, as most companies that provide edibles make pre-packaged goodies using their own sources of marijuana. Canna Kitchen will cater primarily to patients who grow their own pot for medical purposes and would otherwise have to buy pre-made edibles and smokeless products.

Albany lies in the Willamette River Valley and is home to nearly 50,000 residents.