New pay-per-joint production model offers smart growth for cannabis companies

Cannabis pre-roll automation startup Accelerant Manufacturing announced this month the industry’s first Production-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, promising operators the ability to scale their output and reduce labor and overhead costs without any capital investment.

The solution—which includes The Accelerant PRO2 automatic pre-roll machine and an IoT-connected business intelligence suite—gives licensed producers (LPs) the speed, data, and infrastructure to produce up to 3,500 pre-rolls per hour for as little as $0.08 per pre-roll.

It also takes costs associated with maintenance, training, hardware, and software upgrades off the table.

“We designed the Accelerant PRO2 to help companies free up capital and accelerate growth,” says founder Grant Schuster—who held director roles in lean management, manufacturing, and supply chain in the cannabis space.

“It can take up to 18 workers and around $1M in annual labor costs to produce 50,000 pre-rolls per week. The PRO2 can be operated with just one employee and can produce 400,000+ pre-rolls a month with an annual labor cost of less than 5% of a manual process.”

In addition to its ease of use and modular configurations for adding capacity, the Accelerant PRO machine features:

  • Robotic arm to load cones
  • Weight-based filling accurate to .01g
  • Stations for compacting and twisting
  • No cone-no fill detection
  • Highly adaptive to variation with 30,000 positions per electric motor
  • Integrated cameras for remote support

To learn more about the PRO2 pre-roll machine and schedule a meeting to see us at booth C4650 in the MjBizCon Expo Hall, visit

Accelerant is an automation Production-as-a-Service provider for the legal cannabis and hemp industries. From weighing, pre-roll filling, packaging, Accelerant’s automation solutions can be deployed for no upfront costs, putting LPs in the black from day one.