New Poll Good News for DC Marijuana Legalization

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A ballot measure to legalize possession of marijuana in Washington DC got a boost on Thursday when a new poll released by The Washington Post/NBC4/Marist found that 65% of registered voters support the initiative, with 33% opposed and just 2% unsure.

Initiative 71 would permit possession of up to two ounces of marijuana and allow DC residents to own and grow up to six marijuana plants. While retail sales would not be allowed, the initiative could spur significant cannabusiness opportunities as companies help residents successfully cultivate their own marijuana.

The strong support for the initiative is likely boosted by the large African American population in the District, where nine out of 10 arrests for drug possession last year were blacks, according to one study.

, New Poll Good News for DC Marijuana Legalization

In March, the DC city council voted to decriminalize marijuana possession, and under current law, the penalty for minor cannabis possession is a $25 fine instead of jail time.