New York Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Gains Much-Needed Support From City Council

, New York Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Gains Much-Needed Support From City Council

Efforts to get medical cannabis laws passed in the Big Apple received a shot in the arm yesterday when the New York City Council voted to support a state bill that would pave the way for MMJ legalization.

The nonbinding city council resolution – approved by voice vote – shows that there is at least some degree of political will behind moves to legalize the possession and use of marijuana for medical purposes. In fact, the council overwhelmingly supports MMJ legalization: Just three of the 51 council members voted against the cannabis resolution – citing concerns that marijuana would wind up in the hands of children – while another abstained from voting.

After receiving approval from the Mental Health committee and passing through the State Assembly, the medical cannabis bill is currently languishing in the state Senate.

If lawmakers end up approving the bill, it would mark a watershed moment for the medical marijuana industry, given that New York is such an influential city and cultural powerhouse in the United States. It could clear the way for other states to approve similar measure and make MMJ more acceptable overall. It also would open up opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs, MMJ lawyers, security companies, hydroponics businesses and a host of other firms that service the industry.

But there’s a long way to go. This, after all, isn’t the first time New York has weighed medical marijuana legislation. Lawmakers have proposed several MMJ bills over the past decade, and they have passed the state Assembly twice only to die in the Senate.

The difference this time around is that medical cannabis has much more support, with several prominent health organizations – including the Medical Society of the State of New York and the Palliative Care Association of New York – coming out in favor of MMJ legalization. The issue of marijuana in general has also reached a boiling point, as the state has found itself at the center of criticism over the relatively high number of arrests it makes for low-level pot possession, which some say is crowding jails with light offenders.

6 comments on “New York Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Gains Much-Needed Support From City Council
  1. will on

    Deng, how excited would that be to see the big apple legalize medical use! What a blessing that would be for other sick states legalize for medical use. In 5 years its going to really come out of the shadows. And scientists says its only going to get better

  2. Will Sweeney on

    I wouldn’t say “deep divisions remain”. There are 51 members of the New York City Council. 47 voted in favor. 3 opposed and 1 abstained. That is overwhelming support.

  3. fobert king on

    Im a cancer survior live uwith pain hourly,daily,for the rest of my life.I was suffering until my Dr. Suggested it.I have to have it to ease my pain that runs through my bones,I’ve gone from 90lbs-now a perfect180lbs.Ialso have not taken anypain medication since2009.I don’t drink ach,smoke ciggs.I just have my mj& coffee.THATS how I have SURVIVED My LAST 8yrs.

  4. fobert king on

    The most of America is taken harder medication and need facilities ,who ever overdose on mj or need facilty for it.

  5. Timothy Mulkey on

    I find it funny how a child could get ahold of the medical cannabis. Has this person even looked at the 2.1 million Americans behinds bars…aren’t the someone’s kid. ” Why am I telling you this? Visit nativeamerican and you will see why!

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