New York MMJ Regs: $200,000 Licensing Fee, Strain Limit

Medical cannabis companies hoping to operate in New York will have to jump through several regulatory hoops and pay a hefty sum under regulations issued by the state.

Businesses seeking to become one of five companies that will be allowed to operate up to four dispensaries each must pay a $10,000 application fee. They also must submit a $200,000 check for the actual license, though that will be refunded if the application is denied.

If approved, the license would be valid for two years, according to the regulations. Businesses would lose their permit if they don’t start operations within six months of approval.

Each cultivator would be allowed to grow only five strains, which advocates say will limit income for businesses and put undue stress on the industry, making it difficult for the program to move forward.

Under New York’s MMJ law, dispensaries will be able to sell certain types of infused products but not smokeable cannabis. It’s still unclear on whether edibles will be allowed.

The regulations will be published at the end of December and then will be subject to a 45-day comment period.

Companies will be required to provide a host of information about their manufacturing, transportation, security, distribution and sales plans.

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One comment on “New York MMJ Regs: $200,000 Licensing Fee, Strain Limit
  1. Jahpharmer on

    Sarcastically spoken, “I love it!”…as state after state grapples with coming into enlightened MMJ and RMJ use we are seeing the Old Dinosaurs in their respective state legislatures falling all over themselves craftily conceiving laws that purport to support, but in all actuality miserably fail to support it…but does continue supporting their entrenched cronyism, all at the sake of the public’s health and well being.

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