First NH Dispensary May Open as Soon as January

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The first of up to four medical cannabis dispensaries in New Hampshire could open as soon as January now that a company has finally obtained local approval.

Temescal Wellness received the final green light – in the form of a conditional use permit – this week from the planning board in the town of Dover. It hopes to open a 2,500-square-foot dispensary there early next year, according to the Union Leader.

Temescal has also obtained state permission to start up a dispensary near the town of Lebanon but is still seeking local approval, and it has a grow operation in Manchester.

It’s one of three companies that received tacit approval from the state this past June to open dispensaries.

The state legalized MMJ back in 2013, but a host of hurdles – including getting local backing – have kept dispensaries from opening for business.

Once Temescal’s Dover dispensary opens, it will have to undergo regular audits and trash inspection. The site will also need a final review from city officials prior to opening.