No Tax Breaks for Growers in British Columbia

Medical marijuana growers in British Columbia will be forbidden from cashing in on a lucrative tax break for agriculture companies.

The decision, which was announced Tuesday, came after several British Columbia mayors warned that commercial cannabis growers could sidestep paying up to 90% of their property taxes under the breaks.

The announcement will impact overhead expenses for the cannabis companies in British Columbia. It could also establish a precedent for how other provincial governments in Canada oversee cannabis companies.

James Poelzer of Agrima Botanicals, which is close to receiving its license from Health Canada to produce cannabis, said he was planning on applying for the tax breaks. Not having access to the breaks, he said, will not be a make-or-break issue for his company.

, No Tax Breaks for Growers in British ColumbiaBritish Columbia establishes tax rates based on several factors, such as how the land is being used. Agriculture companies pay taxes up to 87% lower than other commercial tax categories.

According to Ernie Daykin, mayor of Maple Ridge, a farm owner would pay several hundred dollars in annual taxes on a piece of land that – without the tax breaks – would require $30,000 in annual tax payments.

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One comment on “No Tax Breaks for Growers in British Columbia
  1. rachel on

    Maybe if these people actually spent their money growing food for the millions of starving and sick people who will never know what it is like to have enough food, water or sanitation much less afford or acquire the medicines you produce. Lets divert all our desperately needed water to growing pot. Thanks greedy:) from the dying starving children all over the world who have no access to clean water, thanks for diverting and wasting even more water and agricultural resources on nonfood crops. Hey how protein is in a pot brownie – can it take care of my protein energy malnutrition problem?

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