Arizona Dispensary Turned Down By Charities

Some charities in Arizona apparently don’t want anything to do with the medical marijuana industry, which is creating challenges for non-profit dispensaries looking to unload excess cash and gain community support.

Cindy Abbott, who operates The Holistic Center dispensary in the Phoneix area, told a local TV station that she’s struggled to find organizations willing to accept donations. Several have turned her away because the money comes from marijuana sales.

“Some people are still kind of afraid to take money to associate themselves with a medical marijuana association, which is interesting,” Abbott said.

, Arizona Dispensary Turned Down By CharitiesMany dispensaries in Arizona donate money to help keep their non-profit status, develop a closer relationship with the community and win over locals.

Abbott said she will continue to look for organizations that will accept her donations. She hopes that other charities will change their tune as they see that the medical marijuana industry can play an active role in the community. Abbott, for instance, said she recently helped organize a fundraiser for multiple sclerosis that netted $6,000.

“We’ll keep going, we’ll keep chugging along and talking to different organizations hoping that we can help them,” she said.

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4 comments on “Arizona Dispensary Turned Down By Charities
  1. Mickie Rose on

    I think that charities in Arizona would be more than happy to take donations from a dispensary. I am a MMJ patient in AZ. I ggest they look to animal rescue organizations, they always need good donators.

  2. al byrne on

    I would recommend that a national non-profit, Patients out of Time, and are the most professional, ethical and effective cannabis education and advocacy organizations in the US. They both deserve your generosity.

  3. Regina Nelson on

    Here’s a good place for charitable donations: Please visit the site, Share the link, Pre-Order “Theorist-at-Large” and help me present about the patient experience at the ICRS Conference! XOXO

  4. Ingrid Joiya on

    We always simply gave our donations from people who were suffering from a particular illness. So, in October our donations went to cancer patients; January Aids patients, etc. The monies help patients directly and creates a grassroots movement. There are also plenty of marathons in Arizona, so you can support a team that raises money for the organization. There’s more than one way to skin a cat!

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