Ohio Medical Cannabis Initiative Needs Work, Says AG

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has declined to give the green light to a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana, stating that the summary language was not a fair or truthful reflection of the proposal.

In a statement, DeWine cited three problems with the “Medical Use of Marijuana” proposal by Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, a group backed by the Marijuana Policy Project.

Number one, DeWine wrote, the summary language of the proposal states that not more than 15 medical marijuana cultivation facility licenses will be issued, but the proposed amendment has provisions for issuing additional licenses. Second, language on determining whether certain MMJ consumers are considered impaired is not clear. And lastly, the summary states there shall be additional ways to obtain registry identification cards after July 1, 2017, but the proposal lists that date as Aug. 1, 2017.

An MPP spokesman said Ohioans for Medical Marijuana would submit a new proposal this week, according to

DeWine must also decide on the Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment, submitted by the group Ohio Medical Cannabis Care, by March 18, and on the Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Amendment, submitted by Grassroots Ohio, by March 21.

A poll last month found that 75% of Ohioans support legalizing medical marijuana.

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2 comments on “Ohio Medical Cannabis Initiative Needs Work, Says AG
  1. Nick Christo on

    There are several problems with the MPP proposal. Basically it limits the average citizen from becoming successful in a marijuana business and caters to the exclusive club of the wealthy. Not very different from the proposal which failed last year. Remember last year’s proposal where the wealthy investors were trying to create their oligopoly by making it illegal to compete against them. There are many ways to prevent competition. One way is to price the average citizen out of the market by making it prohibitively expensive. The same wealthy investors definitely have the $500,000 to buy the larger cultivation license. Do most Ohioans have that kind of cash laying around? I think not. Why are there limits to the size of the operation without possibility of expansion? Why are there limits to how many large cultivation facilities are allowed? Of course this is to prevent a free market business opportunity for the average joe. The state of Ohio would make much more income from this industry if there was only one standard license fee to start out and as the business grows to 10,000 square feet, charge a larger fee for this level, when it grows to 20,000 square feet, another increase in annual fees. Look at the laws in Colorado where the pricing structure is not to prevent competition to the wealthy. Why are people who own a dispensary not allowed to also own or have an interest in a cultivation business or infused products manufacturing business? That is like saying you can’t own more than one restaurant because you already own one. Or you can’t own a dairy farm if you sell milk to consumers. Go read all of the ridiculous limitations the MPP wants to impose right from the start. Let the free market decide how many licenses will work in your economy. Aren’t you sick and tired of the way these people want to limit you from competing against them? Voice your opinion to your local government and State Legislators. OHIOANS WAKE UP. DON’T LET THESE WEALTHY INVESTORS TAKE OVER THIS NEW INDUSTRY BEFORE IT GETS OFF THE GROUND. ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUILD A BUSINESS AND RELATED BUSINESSES AND COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER. What happened to the American Dream? It got squashed by the very wealthy control freaks. Their money gets horded into building more wealth. Your money gets recirculated into the economy which helps all americans.

  2. Doc brown on

    In mpp first statement didn’t mpp say there was,a three tier grow op , care givers license, 5k permit for 5000 sq ft growers and 500K for large grow op what happened to that language?

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