Ohio recreational cannabis ballot initiative clears key hurdle

A proposed constitutional amendment to legalize adult-use marijuana in Ohio has cleared an initial hurdle after winning approval from the state’s top attorney.

But the initiative isn’t expected to be on the ballot until November 2019.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Thursday certified the Marijuana Rights and Regulations amendment, led by Ohio Families for Change, after rejecting the first version last month.

Once the initiative is approved by the bipartisan Ballot Board, Ohio Families for Change can begin to collect the 305,591 signatures needed.

Ohio Families for Change spokesman Jonathan Varner indicated to the Cleveland Plain Dealer that there’s not enough time to make the July 4 deadline for this year’s ballot, so the group is aiming for the 2019 November election.

Here are some details from the proposed amendment:

  • The Legislature would have the authority to develop regulations for various aspects of the industry such as licensing.
  • Municipalities could put in place zoning restrictions, with businesses lawfully located only in precincts where a majority of residents had voted in favor of the amendment.
  • There would be an initial residency requirement of two years for marijuana businesses.
  • Adults 21 and older would be allowed to cultivate, possess, use, sell, share and transport cannabis.

Separately, Ohio is rolling out a medical marijuana industry, with limited sales expected to begin as early as this fall.

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One comment on “Ohio recreational cannabis ballot initiative clears key hurdle
  1. Dw on

    Its absurd to have medical marijuana. Pay a $300 fee to a so called Pot doctor , be tracked by the government in more ways than if it was sold recreationally. Where adults who probably know more about the science and strains of current marijuana than they do. Just another way to create another fee for so called medical marijuana. The Medical community already failed chronic pain patients as well as patients riddled with hundreds of malladies because they succumbed to governmental and local political pressure from the likes of the wonderful Senator Robby Portman who politicized the use of opioids so recklessly that the people who actually need pain meds, anxiety meds just to name a few suuffer daily and have no quality of life because useless ohio politicians made it a full blown issue with little thought of the reprocutions of those REAL SICK PATIENTS THAT NEED CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES. Now they pass medical marijuana only you still cant buy it because of Ohio Failing AGAIN. Ohio is a backwater town full of in effective Republican Farmers who dont have a clue.

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