Oklahoma Will Pursue Colorado Rec Lawsuit

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt doesn’t care that the Obama administration thinks the U.S. Supreme Court should keep mum on Colorado’s recreational marijuana law. He wants the justices to rule on the matter.

Pruitt and his Nebraska counterpart filed a lawsuit a year ago alleging that Colorado’s rec law does direct harm to both their states by increasing the illegal flow of cannabis through their borders. The two asked the high court to nullify the law. Pruitt’s office said on Monday that he plans to file written arguments with the nation’s high court in January, the Associated Press reported.

“States aren’t required to criminalize marijuana or enforce federal law. That is not what Oklahoma’s lawsuit is about,” Pruitt said, according to the AP. “The Obama administration has turned a blind eye, emboldening states like Colorado to set up systems that encourage the commercialization and trafficking of a substance illegal under federal law.”

If the Supreme Court does decide to take up the case – it has the discretion not to hear it at all – the ramifications of a ruling will certainly have an enormous impact on the industry, for good or ill.

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6 comments on “Oklahoma Will Pursue Colorado Rec Lawsuit
  1. Rick Fague on

    This is a waste of taxpayer time and money, let’s hope the Supreme Court sees it the same way and follows the Presidents advice rather than Pruitts.

  2. na on

    If Oklahoma and Kansas would get up to date…and legalize it….maybe they could use that money to fix roads schools ECT. Instead of wasting it to file lawsuits and lock people up for a simple plant. Really people b

    • Chris on

      That LA Times article’s headline is extremely misleading. It was a spending bill that continues to prevent spending by the DEA for marijuana-related raids in states that have legalized (medical or rec)…. this was already law from last year, the “news” here is that it was extended for next year’s budget. Good news, but the federal ban on medical marijuana has not been lifted.

  3. Richard Kennedy on

    There could be unintended consequences if the Supreme Court even agrees a to hear the case. As a Virginia resident I’m thinking that a number of other states could sue us because our lax gun laws allow the sales of guns which end up being used y criminals in other states. IMHO they would have a stronger case than OK and NE have against CO.

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