Congressman Predicts Feds Will Allow States to Set Cannabis Laws

U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, one of the marijuana industry’s biggest allies in Congress, predicted on Thursday that the federal government will adopt a formal policy within five years allowing states to set their own laws on cannabis.

“It will be game over,” Blumenauer said, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat, made the prediction during a trip to Maine, where at least one initiative to legalize recreational marijuana is expected to make the ballot next year. The prediction is an interesting one, given that cannabis has evolved into a fairly nonpartisan issue, with both major parties split in terms of support and opposition to marijuana reform.

But if the congressman’s prediction does come to pass, it could mean significant changes for the industry, including possible new access to banking services, an end to federal raids by DEA agents and potentially even further reforms.

“If Colorado wants it and Utah doesn’t, so be it. But the federal government shouldn’t be in the way,” Blumenauer said, the paper reported.

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6 comments on “Congressman Predicts Feds Will Allow States to Set Cannabis Laws
  1. Andrew B on

    Take a look at the Connecticut regulations they are exactly that, very much like the alcohol model 4 individual producers and many dispensaries we the producers are responsible for all processes, seed to sealed packaging only the point of sale is a pharmacist at the despensorys. Every gram is documented and reported to the state.

  2. Jeff Brown on

    cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. any law against it is a crime against humanity

  3. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I highly respect Rep. Earl Blumenauer’s consistent work as a public servant to disempower the Anti Marihuana Tyranny. The man is very eloquent and bold in relation to the insanity of our marijuana laws. No public official in my backward state of New York even dares speaking out or agitating like this Mr. Blumenauer. Yet, this prediction must come true right after Labor Day 2015. Five more years of this nonsense is totally unacceptable–a complete waste of time and resources, funded by our OWN money (for proof see the federal and state taxes taken out of your paychecks). Here in New York, the “tyranny” can be described by cops themselves. Recently, one of my contacts in law enforcement informed me of a call he received from a superior, asking if he was able to join a cannabis “eradication” team in some rural area (my contact did not take part, since he was off duty). This aggressive hunt for cannabis plants takes places YEAR AFTER YEAR in New York, when many such raids combine the efforts of local, state and federal officials, often relying on the aid of helicopters that spot the weeds’ distinct green color (and rather elegant appearance) from the skies above private property. I can’t wait 5 more years for all such madness to end, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon. As always, the only thing we have to fear about cannabis, is the fear of these plants itself.

  4. David Martin on

    I’m not sure this is such good news. Gay marriage was addressed at the federal level for some very good reasons and I don’t see why the the regulation of cannabis should be that much different. Access to cannabis in all its forms for food, clothing, medicine, shelter, etc. and the right to plant a seed are basic human rights. So doesn’t there need to be some basic nationwide standard of justice?

    • ricketyrack on

      I completely agree. The Controlled Substance Act putting “marijuana” into Schedule I is a complete farce and until this is addressed the Feds are perpetuating a disastrous falsehood.

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