Some Locals Support Repeal of Oregon MJ Residency Requirements

As one would expect, a push in Oregon to repeal residency requirements for marijuana business owners has the support of cannabis businesses in other states.

They, after all, have the most to gain if there are no restrictions on who can own a recreational cannabis businesses in Oregon.

But some local entrepreneurs and professionals are surprisingly behind the idea as well.

State legislators are considering nixing a requirement that at least 51% of recreational marijuana businesses be owned by Oregon residents. The requirement is meant to keep the industry local and prevent outsiders from swooping in.

But some observers say the residency requirement actually hurts Oregon entrepreneurs, according to Go Local PDX.

“It limits the number of people that can get involved in this newly emerging industry and could really stifle some of the growth that we are hoping to see,” said Leah Maurer, co-chair of Portland’s Women Grow chapter, which represents female cannabis professionals.

Maurer and other local industry professionals hope state legislators overturn the requirement.

There’s one big caveat: Maurer said it’s important to make sure that any change does not result in large corporations rushing into the state and crowding out homegrown companies.

“Even if the restrictions are lifted or loosened I would not want to see big corporations or holding companies be able to drive up profits and squeeze out smaller businesses,” Maurer said.

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7 comments on “Some Locals Support Repeal of Oregon MJ Residency Requirements
  1. Kelly Rupert on

    I think Oregon should require applicants for rec licensing to relocate to the state and 51 percent of ownership should be required to be a resident at the time of licensing. Just eliminate the 2 year requirement for said residency. This adds people to the tax rolls and fuels job growth. This will attract the right types of entrepreneurs to the states legal marketplace. Remember that as long as Cannabis remains schedule 1 the giant corporations will remain on the pariferee.

  2. Keith Mansur on

    It seems to me Leah Maurer is the LAST person to be talking about allowing investors into Oregon. The serious accusations and lawsuits claiming fraud, her resignations from organizations (Show Me Cannabis in MO), legal actions taken by The Weed Blog to make her stop claiming ownership of the site, and her misrepresentations of her involvement in Oregon’s initiative all make her a poor spokesman for “outside investment” in our burgeoning State. Amy Margolis is hardly a proper spokesperson for Oregon, since she represents one of the groups systematically trying to destroy the medical system…The Growers PAC. Terrible article from Go Local PDX, and MJBD should be careful what they publish. The article on Leah Maurer is here…

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