Oregon Marijuana Advocacy Group to Include Dispensaries

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The Oregon Growers Political Action Committee has a new moniker.

Now, it’s officially known as the Oregon Cannabis PAC, a reflection of the group’s attempt to grow its membership base and become more inclusive of other types of businesses. Specifically, medical marijuana dispensaries.

“What we have found is that our interests overlap in so many areas that it just made sense to open our doors and invite everyone into the group,” attorney Amy Margolis wrote to The Oregonian.

Margolis, who helped found the original growers PAC, said she wants to ensure that “all of us have an equal chance at succeeding in this new industry.”

The organization already has more than 40 members.

With the state’s recreational industry getting ready to launch next year, there could be turmoil between the medical and rec sides of the trade.

There’s also a second cultivators’ organization in the state, the Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild, which advocates on behalf of cannabis growers in the southern part of the state.