Oregon Marijuana Edibles Makers Ramping Up Production

Edibles producers in Oregon are increasing production after a strong start to recreational marijuana sales earlier this month.

While recreational sales of flower began in Oregon last October, edibles, extracts and topicals were only allowed to be sold to adult-use customers starting June 2. A state economist predicted a 10%-15% recreational sales increase early in the month followed by a slowdown, the Statesman Journal reported.

But the economist said even though a sales boom isn’t necessarily expected, he still thinks sales will be solid because edible products typically aren’t available on the black market. And they’re very popular products.

Regardless, companies such as Gaia Bounty are ramping up production to meet demand on both the medical and rec side, a spokesman told the paper. The company specializes in infused chocolate bars.

One comment on “Oregon Marijuana Edibles Makers Ramping Up Production
  1. bongstar420 on

    I only hope other growers out there like me make sure to push the prices down on these losers. These people don’t deserve premiums for mixing hash oil into food.


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