Oregon May Push Back Edibles Sales to 2017

Companies that make edibles may not be able to sell into Oregon’s legal recreational cannabis market until 2017 due to difficulties crafting laws governing these types of products, which could put a big damper on overall initial rec marijuana sales in the state.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) has asked the state Legislature to delay licensing of edible manufacturers, according to The Oregonian, even as lawmakers consider moving up the timeline for rec sales.

The OLCC cited difficulties in regulating edibles when asking for the delay, which could mean Oregonians won’t be able to purchase cookies and candies containing cannabis for almost two years.

So far, lawmakers haven’t taken action on the request, The Oregonian reported.

Edibles have been immensely popular in Colorado, the nation’s first rec market. But the state has also struggled to regulate the products, and lawmakers recently put in place new manufacturing and labeling regulations.

Officially, recreational use and possession will become legal in Oregon on July 1.

Retailers won’t be allowed to sell recreational cannabis until regulations are put in place and licenses are granted – expected sometime in 2016 – leading several legislators to propose allowing MMJ dispensaries to begin selling to the rec market in July.

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