Oregon MMJ Growers May Face Stricter Rules

Oregon medical cannabis cultivators may face stricter reporting requirements and plant restrictions under a proposal by lawmakers who say the changes are needed to avoid the pitfalls facing the medical cannabis industry in nearby Washington State.

The measure would cut in half the number of plants allowed at MMJ grow facilities to 12 in residential areas and 48 in non-residential areas, according to the Bend Bulletin.

Opponents of the measure say it would limit accessibility and plant diversity, while lawmakers say the restrictions would keep marijuana from the black market.

The amendment also would give the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Liquor Control Commission the ability to inspect cultivation facilities for compliance, the newspaper reported.

Growers with up to 96 plants in non-residential areas and 24 plants in residential areas prior to Jan. 1 would be grandfathered in until their totals drop.

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9 comments on “Oregon MMJ Growers May Face Stricter Rules
  1. Numb Nuts on

    I reckon strict protocols and procedures is the new way of the force. its a new mind set of compliance rules.

    any thing true medical is met with firm stance.

    learn how to get regulated.

  2. skyhigh on

    Meanwhile Colorado let’s there facilities grow up to 3600 plants if not mistaken and all is well not to mention the black market is still going on. So how do they think their plan will work in Oregon. States just need to follow colorado and adjust from there.

  3. Jai on

    Who really cares what or how the other half lives. Stay off my property and out of my garden. Rules are for those that can not govern themselves. What I grow is mine.

  4. Lyle Courtsal on

    Demand is there; meet it. Nice to share, but hey, the nazis are gonna kill off all those poor folks along with you too, because see, you may have some money but not enough yet to really fight and win in court over and over and over again. Grow, grow, grow, fight, fight, fight. . . And don’t fergit, Bush wanted those AIDS patients starving to death real slow, huh. Right and he made that bug too, suckah. Lyle Courtsal

  5. Lyle Courtsal on

    What’s so wrong about small collective grows? Poor folks can get weed then too, huh. But those yuppie nouveau riche pot growers took over from the hippies and do it so much “better” now than then. Geez, just the thought of Dennis Peron giving away bales of weed drives them completely nuts.

  6. bongstar420 on

    This increases production…there vegetative plants do not count as “mature.”

    A person rocking 12 plants under these rules can harvest 6-12lbs a month indoors. The reason- there are 12 replacement plants in veg all the time.

    The only real “restriction” is that growers cant rely on not being inspected for compliance anymore.

  7. Janet king on

    Ok, bong hate to rain on your parade but how can you pull down the amounts you say every month when it takes at least 2 months for most strains to mature. Seems you have a math problem. Lol, nothing but love for ya tho.

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