Oregon Reaching Out to MJ Entrepreneurs

Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), which is in charge of establishing state rules and overseeing its recreational cannabis industry, has taken steps to help make the rollout of its program easier for businesses.

That includes hosting application workshops to help answer questions and get businesses ready for the licensing process and even publishing a “business readiness guidebook” for entrepreneurs.

And even if those interested in the workshops can’t make time to attend one, the commission has put up a Powerpoint on its site to provide a basic idea of the presentation, the Oregonian reported.

The presentation outlines the fundamentals of the industry along with the basic structure of regulatory oversight, including which agencies are in charge of which and a briefing on federal guidelines, such as the 2013 Cole Memo. It also includes a timeline for rec implementation, tips on local laws and how to comply, and even contact information for state agencies.

The guidebook, meanwhile, provides a so-called “checklist” for those looking to obtain a business license, as well as a breakdown of different license types and business opportunities, requirements for various companies (such as advice on checking zoning and building codes), and more to help businesses navigate local and state laws.

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