Oversight of Florida’s CBD Industry Up in the Air

As if Florida isn’t having enough problems with its CBD program.

This week, the commissioner of the state’s Department of Agriculture said he doesn’t want his agency to oversee quality control for Florida’s limited CBD industry, raising questions about who will actually take on that important task.

“We do not regulate pharmaceuticals or medicinals or vitamins or whatever marijuana is classified,” Commissioner Adam Putnam told the Palm Beach Post. “Our role…is limited to identifying nurseries who are eligible to bid on the job. Period.”

Florida has faced several setbacks as it tries to develop regulations and rules on the five companies that will eventually be allowed to produce high-CBD, low-THC medical products for a select number of qualifying patients. Previously, it had appeared that agriculture department officials would play a key role in ensuring that companies produce medical-grade cannabis.

Another stakeholders’ committee meeting is slated for Feb. 4-5, with the state Department of Health scheduled to discuss new rules for the CBD rollout.

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3 comments on “Oversight of Florida’s CBD Industry Up in the Air
  1. evelynn on

    The regulations for cannabis in so far as Florida is concerned is a joke.Our Gov.and his Corp.cronies will only make any of it legal as long as they have control to make money.And what they are starting now is only a prelude.The MMJ that will be used is basically worthless!So you will be paying more and more . then they’ll want more studies and on and on.Free the weed already .It should never have been made illegal in the first place . it should be our choice.need I go on?

  2. Robert Adamski on

    Florida is a dark red state run by politicians who do not want to see MMJ in the state. But it is coming, like or not Govenor Scott.

  3. Beachestate on

    What really surprises me, all the Floridians forget about multiply businesses in line that make billions off of tourist(Disney World ,Cruise Ships ,Rehab Centers).The reason the CBD bill was put in place in the first place was to attract the younger vote because it had Cannabis in the bill.So that being said everyone overlooked the MEDICAL aspect of the bill ,they were to busy or too stoned to realize this is for all the patients that could benefit from the CBD components.Now we see the governor has put a hold on the rules and regs that were supposed to be in place by Jan 1 2015.Think about it ,who was the biggest Wallet against the Bill?The second LARGEST Rehab company in Florida.He’s still pissed He didn’t get his Casino in Florida.Floridians need to get on a band wagon “Let’s Get Well” not “Lets Get Stoned”and make a difference in peoples lives.

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