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Big Victory for MMJ: City Council Votes to Repeal Los Angeles Marijuana Dispsensary Ban

In a huge win for the medical cannabis community, Los Angeles officials voted on Tuesday to rescind the marijuana dispensary ban they overwhelmingly approved just two months ago. This is a textbook example of how medical marijuana professionals, advocates and patients can come together to force real political change. Hundreds of medical cannabis dispensaries in […]

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Weekly Wrapup: Avalanche of Colorado Cannabis News + Medical Marijuana Patient Survey

Colorado found itself in the marijuana spotlight multiple times last week, with several announcements and developments having a bearing on the state’s medical cannabis industry: – On Thursday, Gov. John Hickenlooper officially came out against Amendment 64, the ballot proposal calling for the legalization of marijuana for adults 21 and older. The University of Colorado […]

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LA Medical Cannabis Supporters Collect 50,000 Signatures in Bid to Overturn Dispensary Ban

A group of Los Angeles medical marijuana professionals and advocates submitted 50,000 signatures today supporting a petition to rescind the city’s ban on cannabis dispensaries, which is scheduled to take effect Sept. 6. It’s an extremely positive development on several fronts, giving the industry a realistic shot at stifling the ban, possibly providing dispensaries with […]

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Dangerous Precedent: Insurance Firm Denies Malpractice Coverage for Lawyer With MMJ Clients

Pay particularly close attention to the recent experience of Denver attorney Ann Toney, whose insurance company essentially decided to yank her malpractice coverage. Why? Because some of her clients are involved in the medical marijuana industry. The move by Hanover Insurance Group is extremely worrisome for ancillary MMJ companies. Scores of banks have already stopped […]

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Bill to Regulate California Cannabis Dispensaries Advances as Controversy Over MMJ Oversight Grows

California is finally starting to get serious about setting up statewide regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries. It’s about time. The California State Assembly’s public safety committee has passed a bill that would pave the way for the creation of a medical marijuana enforcement division that would license cannabis businesses and provide some much-needed industry oversight. […]

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