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Chaos Descends on California Pot Industry as Feds Launch Widespread Crackdown

The federal government is taking aim at the medical marijuana community in California, warning landlords that provide space to dispensaries to end the sale of marijuana on their properties in the next six weeks or potentially face jail time. The attorneys have sent letters to some landlords and will hold a news conference later this […]

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Sacramento Bee Begins Running Medical Marijuana Ads

Ads for pot shops have cropped up in alternative weekly newspapers at a rapid clip over the past few years. Example: I recently examined an issue of Westword, a Denver weekly, and found 72 advertisements for medical marijuana dispensaries and related businesses. But mainstream daily newspapers have largely steered clear of running advertisements for marijuana […]

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Pot Regulator Renting Space From MMJ Lawyer Another Questionable Move

There’s a golden rule in the medical marijuana business: Do everything in your power to appear legitimate, professional and law-abiding. In other words, don’t toe the line when it comes to ethics, legal issues or anything else that could tarnish the perception of the industry. We’ve touched on this issue numerous times, because it’s so […]

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Move to Tax, License Weed Dispensaries in Seattle Postive Sign for Industry

If you own a dispensary or hope to open one someday, you should pay particularly close attention to what’s going on in Seattle. It’s a sign of things to come for medical marijuana in other large cities. Seattle’s City Council passed a measure last night to license, regulate and tax medical pot shops. This is […]

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Chris Walsh: Rules Covering MMJ Caregivers Another Hit to Beleaugured Pot Industry

The Colorado cannabis community is up in arms again over yet another round of regulations. This time, the new rules target caregivers, or the individuals who provide medical marijuana to patients on a very limited scale. As this Denver Post piece points out, the Colorado Board of Health approved a proposal to force caregivers – […]

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Lots of Interest Among Colorado Investors in Pot Dispensaries, Marijuana Businesses

A group of investors interested in the medical marijuana industry gathered in Denver yesterday for a meeting spearheaded by CDS Management Services, Vicente Consulting, Centennial Seeds and CSSB Private Bank. The turnout was strong, with several dozen people on hand in a conference room at the swanky Oxford Hotel. The level of participation in the […]

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