Partner Submission Rules

Here’s some basic things to keep in mind prior to submission:

  1. Our team reviews proposals as a group once per month. Any start or implementation date must be at least 60 days from the day of your submission.
  2. Marijuana Business Daily and MJBizCon are primarily business to business outlets for the Cannabis industry. Because of this, we generally aren’t able to engage directly with events, programs, or other venues that are primarily non-business centric in nature.
  3. We have several programs via MJBizCon and corporate donations specifically structured to support philanthropic and advocacy efforts. In order to maximize our impact, we generally focus such efforts on those programs in lieu of creating or partnering with new ones. However, we do review these efforts on an annual basis to ensure they are still relevant and effective.
  4. Depending on where in the cycle we are when you submit, it may take up to 45 days before you hear a response from us.
  5. Submitting proposals within two weeks before or after an MJBizCon event will likely extend our decision timelines by up to an additional two weeks.
  6. Events / partners must be well-established in the marketplace to be considered.
, Partner Submission Rules , Partner Submission Rules