Pennsylvania approves four firms to grow cannabis for research

Four more medical marijuana companies – including multistate operator Curaleaf – have been approved by Pennsylvania regulators to grow MMJ that state universities can use for research.

Curaleaf, which is based in Massachusetts but seeking a license to sell medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, is contracted to grow MMJ for the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, according to the Tribune-Review.

The state health department also approved three Pennsylvania-based companies for MMJ research collaborations:
  • Laurel Harvest Labs, partnering with Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.
  • CannTech, partnering with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • Organic Remedies, partnering with Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Those four alliances coupled with three partnerships approved last June bring Pennsylvania within one of its limit of eight entities that are permitted under state law to grow, process and supply marijuana to research institutions.

Only the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine still is seeking to contract with a medical marijuana cultivator.

The results of such research partnerships could encourage more physicians to recommend medical marijuana and eventually lead to increased sales.

Medical marijuana sales in Pennsylvania topped $132 million in 2018, the MMJ program’s first year.

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2 comments on “Pennsylvania approves four firms to grow cannabis for research
  1. Barbara Walker on

    I can not find a doctor in Pa. that perscribes medical marijuana. I have severe back pain, hip pain and pain going down leg!

    • Kelli Jo Rhodes on

      Search Omni medical marijuana physicians in Pennsylvania they are only A MMJ FACILITY To learn about registering to be a patient or a caregiver, how to go about obtaining your MMJ CARD, and they will schedule u an appointment with one of their certified Medical Marijuana Doctors. I’m not sure where in PA you live but just Google Omni near you it should pop up I know there’s one in camp Hill or if none near you just go to click on register for medical marijuana card. There should be a whole list of certified doctors to go to . Also make sure u register to be a patient if you want a card for yourself or if u are looking into being a caregiver for someone else u would click on caregiver. A caregiver is someone that is able to go into the dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana for a patient that is unable to go themselves to obtain their own medicine. But that patient also must obtain a MMJ card for themselves as a patient and must list you as their caregiver at the dispensaries on their first visit or the most recent time of going once the caregiver also received the MMJ caregiver card u also must carry the patients MMJ card and state issued ID Everytime u visit the dispensaries to get their medicine. But visit marijuana and u will see a chart of local certified doctors near u and their phone number and address is talk to your family doctor first about it u may have a doctor within ur pcp’s facility that may accept ur medical insurance if u have insurance if u have state medical insurance from ur local county assistance office (Medicare) you’ll only have to pay a 25.00 fee instead of a 50.00 fee to issue yoúr MMJ card. Also ur family doctor needs to give u a letter of recommendation or if u see any other doctor for example a psychologist for anxiety and/or anxiety and PTSD then you need them to write u a letter of recommendation/referral to see a medical marijuana certified doctor. Same goes for whatever doctor u see for whichever one of the 23 diagnosis your trying to get ur card for. Hope this helps u if your still in need of help of finding a doctor. God bless u and ur family at this time of need to be and stay in good health. Stay safe while practicing social distancing.

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