PA Medical Cannabis Bill on Tap

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania will introduce a medical marijuana bill on Monday in the state Senate.

The good news: The measure – called The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act – has bi-partisan support, with Republican Mike Folmer and Democrat Daylin Leach sponsoring the bill.

The bad news: Lawmakers doubt it will even make it to a vote because of Pennsylvania’s strong stance against marijuana legalization.

The bill faces stiff opposition in the Senate and from Gov. Tom Corbett, who said he’ll veto any bill legalizing any form of marijuana.

“I don’t sense any significant change in the view of the members of the Senate on the issue,” said Erik Arneson, spokesman for Pennsylvania’s Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi. “And the governor remains clear in his stated intention to veto it if it ever were to pass. So we have no intense of taking the bill up any time in the session.”

The measure would legalize the use of medical marijuana by patients as prescribed by attending physicians. It’s modeled after Senate Bill 770, which has stalled in committee.

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3 comments on “PA Medical Cannabis Bill on Tap
  1. Domenic on

    I am a citizen in the Commonwealth of PA. I have several health issues. Two of them are TMJ(my jaw is a large pain issue)& diabetes and the neuropathy that can come with this disease. My lower legs and feet are tingly numb. It feels like someone is taking a blow torch to the bottoms of my feet. After much research,I discovered injesting marijuana in diabetic cake could help. After I ate the second piece of cake on day two,I was able to run and chase my little boys around like it was a dream. They had the surprise of their lives because instead of seeing me mostly lay on the couch in tears,they got quite a treat. We went crazy playing. Ingesting also helped my jaw and gave me my appetite back. My whole family was elated. I ended up growing at my residence,which failed after a diabetic coma required a 911 call that requires a state trooper to be dispatched. I was 15 minutes from death and the trooper tampered with some things that got a warrant. Nice guy. I ended up in the PA D.O.C for 14 months. My children now have their father back on the couch like before. What really can one voice do to get the bug that is shoved so far up Corbett’s ass? He needn’t get too comfy in the Governor’s mansion. I’m certain you may know that the capital city of Harrisburg filed bankruptcy. Closing the door on a serious possibility for help financially and medically before anything is put on the block is a sure sign that Corbett looks at a donkey face in the mirror! We need a think tank to really get progress. I will anything I can. Please let me know and thank you for listening.

  2. Tudo on

    My Wife considered buying me a get away place up yonder in the poconos. I told her thank you deeply but look to buy in ONLY legal states. The rest of them can go screw themselves.
    P.S. We are in Fla and are considering moving everything, home,business, everything if something doesn’t happen in 2014. California here we come with a 20+ year established business, several employees and property taxes.

  3. Dante on

    Pennsylvania is always one of the last states to get on board anything because of the corruption in government (until they can finger out – yes I said finger because that’s what they need in the pie before they ever get off their asses and do something right). Never mind Pennsylvanians that you SUFFER – I hope all of the legislature’s and dumb ass Corbett’s kids and/or grand kids come down with epilepsy – then maybe they will find/want/need some COMPASSION for the inflicted. SHAME ON YOU!

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