How Ruben Lindo Launched a Growing Canna-Empire

In this episode of “Seed to CEO,” Blak Mar Farms founder Ruben Lindo shares his insights on the importance of customer service and the need to focus on your best products when price pressure arises, among other things.

How to speak at MJBizCon + Jim Belushi

In this edition of “Seed to CEO,” MJBizCon content organizer Stacy Putt gives the inside scoop on how to score a coveted speaking role at the Nov. 15-18 event, and we rebroadcast our conversation with  actor-turned-cannabis business owner Jim Belushi.


Cracking the Safe: How One Entrepreneur Opened the Door to Cannabis Banking

In this episode of “Seed to CEO” In this episode, Safe Harbor Financial President and CEO Sundie Seefried shares, among other things, why transparency is a key to making lives easier for regulators and marijuana business owners alike and how the marijuana industry can educate regulators and improve industry interactions with authorities at the same time.