Podcast Episode: Call of the Wyld: Aaron Morris’ edibles success story

Oregon entrepreneur Arron Morris and his partners launched Wyld, an infused cannabis edibles brand, in 2016. Morris concedes Wyld’s first cannabis-infused candies were terrible. But he and his team persisted, pairing a winning recipe with a bold business plan that’s made Wyld one of the top edibles brands in the U.S. In this episode of “Seed to CEO,” hear Morris talk about: 

  • Bootstrapping your business.
  • Branding your business.
  • Efficient distribution.
  • Expansion in other states and other countries. 

Who is Aaron Morris?

Aaron Morris is the co-founder and CEO of Wyld, a multistate edibles brand that is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Morris graduated in 2011 from the University of Oregon, where he triple-majored in economics, history and political science and had plans to be an academic. But entrepreneurship called, and in 2013 he founded Cascade Spirits, a liquor brand house where he still works. That experience led him to found Wyld. 

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