Podcast Episode: Delivery software executive Vanessa Gabriel in fast lane to success

Vanessa Gabriel is only 30, but she has already launched three highly successful software companies, and the two most recent are in the cannabis industry. Gabriel sold her first cannabis business, an order-ahead platform called Greenlight Technologies, about a year after launching it, for a high nine-digit figure. Well-capitalized, she launched her current company, Drop Delivery, in 2018. But Gabriel, a proud Filipina, also encountered plenty of rough patches and “No’s” on her road to success.

In this episode, Gabriel shares:

  • How she identified the opportunity for both her cannabis software companies.
  • How she navigated the sale of her first company.
  • How she and her executive team keep operations lean at the new ancillary company.
  • Why a “slow and steady” growth philosophy has served her well.

Who is Vanessa Gabriel

Vanessa Gabriel is the founder and CEO of Drop Delivery, a delivery technology software business serving cannabis transport companies and retailers in seven states. In 2011, Gabriel founded her first company – aSociete, a fashion shopping platform for millennials – and ran it in her college dorm room. In 2017, she founded her first cannabis company, Greenlight Technologies, an order-ahead and digital loyalty software platform. Gabriel sold that business for a high nine-digit figure, which gave her the capital to launch Drop Delivery. And she’s still only 30.

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