Podcast Episode: Detroit Doer: When Investors Said ‘No,’ Calyxeum CEO Rebecca Colett Kept Going 

Rebecca Colett spent most of her professional career in analytical and leadership positions at some of the best-known financial and tech companies in the United States, including Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, GE Capital, IBM and Red Hat. But that didn’t quench Colett’s professional passion, so the Detroit entrepreneur and her business partner started a caregiving business, teaching themselves the craft of cannabis cultivation and product manufacturing. They learned it well enough that in 2019 they expanded their caregiving business into a licensed cultivator and product manufacturer – Calyxeum – that grows flower and creates edibles, concentrates, topicals and other products with 20 employees.

In this episode, Colett will share:

  • How she used her finance, tech and analytics background in cannabis.
  • How she bootstrapped her business after an unsuccessful capital-raise attempt.
  • How to bounce back and raise capital after not succeeding the first time.
  • How to scale a caregiving operation into a thriving business.
  • How small operations can use the power of branding to compete with big businesses.

Who is Rebecca Colett?

Rebecca Colett is the co-founder and CEO of Calyxeum, a cultivation and product manufacturing business headquartered in Detroit. Colett and her business partner, LaToyia Rucker, launched Calyxeum in 2019 after several years working as registered Michigan caregivers. Colett has also served on the national board of National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws as well as committee chair for the National Cannabis Industry Association. Before cannabis, Rebecca launched a successful gym franchise and held analytical and leadership posts at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, GE Capital, IBM, Red Hat and other well-known U.S. companies.

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