Podcast Episode: Eastbound & Down: How Colorado’s Cannabis Market Didn’t Prepare One Woman for Massachusetts

Meg Sanders has been paving the way for cannabis industry pioneers for more than a dozen years. As an early advocate for Colorado’s medical market and CEO of Mindful, one of the state’s first cannabusiness, Meg possesses a rare institutional knowledge of what one of the nation’s first marijuana markets looked like and what it took to survive. She then brought her Western U.S. sensibilities to Massachusetts’ red-tape heavy rec market, establishing Canna Provisions.

In this episode of Seed to CEO, Meg explores the differences in doing business in these vastly different times and places, sharing insights that include:

  • How raising capital has changed over the past decade and what it requires today.
  • Why developing relationships with regulators and being involved in the rule-making process is critical.
  • How consumer preferences can vary in different markets and how to adapt your business to prepare for additional trend shifts.

Who is Meg Sanders?

Meg Sanders is the CEO of Canna Provisions, a vertically integrated cannabis business in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, which she launched in 2018 with her partner, Erik Williams. But her cannabis career started back in 2010 when she launched Colorado-based Mindful. She is also co-founder and partner at the cannabis consulting firm Will & Way. Before cannabis, Meg held high-level positions in the retail, finance and nonprofit worlds.

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