Podcast Episode: Equity Equalizer: How the MCBA is Shaking up National Cannabis Policy

Amber Littlejohn cut her teeth helping craft policy for an industry built around “a regulated herbal product that the government doesn’t like” with the American Herbal Products Association. But when she began consulting for the Minority Cannabis Business Association in 2019, she found herself in love with a new challenge. In this episode of Seed to CEO, Amber talks about how she’s helped evolve the organization around its core mission of helping entrepreneurs access and thrive in cannabis markets across the U.S.

She shares:

  • How systemic problems for everyone impede equity.
  • Why partnerships – even some that might seem strange to outsiders – are critical to achieving success in cannabis policy.
  • How the association is working to change the trajectory of the industry.
  • Where she sees successes and failures in U.S. cannabis business.

Who is Amber Littlejohn?

As an attorney and advocate for emerging and embattled industries, Amber has developed and implemented creative strategies for industry, associations, nonprofits and other stakeholder groups. As senior policy adviser at the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA), she helped develop and implement the group’s federal policy program. Through her advocacy work, she has developed creative strategies to expand and stabilize emerging markets by engaging and supporting underrepresented business interests and communities. Amber became “employee No. 1” at the MCBA when she took on the mantle of executive director in 2020.

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