Podcast Episode: From NASA to Cannabis: How tissue culture helped a plant scientist find her voice

For Hope Jones’ first cannabis job, she served as chief science officer for a grower in Arizona. But as a newbie to the industry, she lacked the confidence to speak out against veterans making easy-to-avoid mistakes, despite her expertise. As frustration built, she saw an opportunity to bring clean-tissue culture to an industry struggling to get solid genetics. Today, the plant biologist operates two companies – a consulting firm focused on plant health and an R&D company that develops tissue-culture genetics.

In this episode, Hope shares:

  • How she realized the need for better genetics in cannabis.
  • How her experience as a staff scientist at NASA helped her build her self-confidence.
  • Why good business partners need more than common goals to succeed.
  • Why tissue culture is a solid starting point for quality biomass to support the entire cannabis supply chain.

Who is Hope Jones?

Hope Jones is a veteran plant scientist who immersed herself in the plant world long before jumping into cannabis. Her experience includes staff scientist at NASA, where she helped grow plants in outer space; a tenure at the University of Arizona’s world-renowned Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, where she used her extensive micropropagation skills and knowledge to rescue endangered plant species; and a stint as a bartender, which she credits for her ability to connect with people. She launched her first cannabis company, Phoenix-based Emergent Cannabis Sciences, in 2016, and her second, Superior Phenos, in 2020.

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