Podcast Episode: How Detroit old-schooler Tim Schuler is building new cannabis consumers

Tim Schuler spent 15 years with Anheuser-Busch, “moving product from the manufacturer into consumer hands in another regulated market.” He sold 48M cases of beer a year. 

When Michigan offered medical licenses in 2015, he applied. “I knew where the market was going.” 

His company now focuses on concentrates and edibles, with a new drink mix. 

Learn how he is tackling key obstacles, including:

  • Increasing costs
  • Winning over retailers and budtenders
  • Direct to consumer marketing

Who is Tim Schuler?

Tim built a career in Anheuser-Busch marketing and sales and invested in Detriot in a role building parternships for Palace Sports and Entertainment.
Now president and COO of Detroit Edible Company/Cannalicious Labs, he supplies the growing Michigan market with innovative edibles and infused beverages.

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