Podcast Episode: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire: How One Oregon Couple Pivoted From Retail to Cultivation

Matt Walstatter and his wife, Meghan, were among the first cannabis retailers in Portland, Oregon, and enjoyed early mover advantages for a few years. But Portland grew into one of the most saturated retail markets in the country, so the couple instead decided to focus on their nascent craft cultivation business.

The problem? The business also happened to be located in one of the most saturated cultivation markets in the country. Yet, the Walstatters not only survived, but they also thrived.

This episode of “Seed to CEO” is a must-listen for anyone competing in uber-competitive markets, and it covers topics that include:

  • Raising capital.
  • Selling your business.
  • Contingency planning.
  • Building efficiency into your cultivation facility.
  • Branding.
  • Being politically connected.
Who is Matt Walstatter?

Matt Walstatter is the CEO and co-founder, along with wife Meghan, of Siren Cannabis, a craft cultivation company they launched in 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Walstatter and Meghan got their start in the licensed cannabis industry in 2014, when they opened Pure Green, one of Portland’s first medical marijuana dispensaries, which they sold in 2019. Matt is also a founder of the Oregon Cannabis Association and co-chair of the OCA PAC. He is a longtime medical patient and legacy growing veteran. He has a law degree from the Lewis & Clark Law School.

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