Podcast Episode: Growing Off Grid: How to Build a Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Edward Dow, Solar Therapeutics, podcast banner

In this episode of Seed to CEO, Edward Dow, CEO of Massachusetts-based Solar Therapeutics, talks with MJBiz CEO Chris Walsh about how he built his “island microgrid” to support his cannabis company’s sustainability strategy – from unexpected expenses and pitfalls to the creation of a scalable, repeatable model for new markets.

Ed shares:

  • The real costs of building his vision for a fully off-grid facility and how that compared to staying on the traditional grid.
  • His unconventional path to raising capital to start the company.
  • Critical lessons learned along the way that will make repeating his model even more efficient.

Who is Edward Dow?

Ed Dow left a job with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution tagging whales and driving underwater vehicles to break into Massachusetts’ highly regulated cannabis industry. His first attempt at securing a medical license ultimately failed, but it helped Ed impress investors who enthusiastically bought into his next – and current – endeavor. Today, Ed’s operations model could be the future of cannabis cultivation.

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