Podcast Episode: Journeyman Keith Cooper Finds Reason to Stay at Revolutionary Clinics

Keith Cooper spent 20 years launching or rescuing businesses, mostly in the tech sector, before becoming CEO of Revolutionary Clinics, a vertically integrated cannabis business in Massachusetts, in 2017. Cooper stepped into cannabis figuring he’d build Revolutionary into a popular retail brand. But regulatory and other delays scuttled that plan and forced Cooper into a new strategy: wholesaling. That move helped place Revolutionary No. 4 on Inc. Magazine’s 2021 list of fastest growing privately held companies in any industry.

In this episode of “Seed to CEO,” Cooper shares:
  • How he built his wholesale model.
  • How the company managed the evolution of its brand.
  • Tips for successful product development and inventory management.
  • The importance of building and creating a team that works well together.
Who is Keith Cooper?

Keith Cooper is a start-up and turnaround specialist who’s been leading new and in-need-of-help companies for 20 years, primarily in the tech sector. Cooper typically spent two or three years at each company before going off to the next one. In 2017, Cooper was recruited to become CEO of Revolutionary Clinics, a vertically integrated cannabis business in Massachusetts. The five years that Cooper has spent at Revolutionary is longer than any other company he’s led, except for his own consultancy. Cooper also served as president of the Harvard University Rugby Club.

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