Podcast Episode: Keith Villa’s jump from craft beer to cannabis infused beer

Keith Villa founded Blue Moon Brewing Co. in 1995 as an arm of the Coors Brewing Co. Blue Moon became a massive success and changed the brewing landscape. After three decades of brewing, Villa and his wife, Jodi, who has a background in civil engineering, leveraged their knowledge to create Ceria Brewing Co., a Colorado-based cannabis-infused beer business, in 2017. In this episode of “Seed to CEO,” Villa shares: 

  • How he and his wife came up with the idea for Ceria.
  • How they conducted market research.
  • Tips for complying with trademark rules.
  • How they developed formulations.
  • Why they partnered with a co-packer. 

Who is Keith Villa?

Keith Villa is the cofounder of and brewmaster at Ceria Brewing Co., which makes cannabis-infused nonalcoholic beers. Before launching Ceria in 2017, Villa spent more than 20 years as the master brewer at Blue Moon Brewing Co., which he founded in 1995. Blue Moon became a pioneer in the craft beer world. Villa got his start with Coors after earning a doctorate in brewing at Vrije Universiteit Brussel.  

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