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Everyone wants in on the cannabis market. Seed to CEO from the publishers of MJBizDaily is the marijuana entrepreneur’s edge.

Weekly, Chris Walsh, CEO of MJBizDaily and MJBizCon, interviews a pro to reveal stories behind their success.

Learn how find funding for cannabis businesses; whether to focus on cultivation, THC product manufacturing, or marijuana retail; common pitfalls to avoid; predictions for cannabis legalization and where to find the next opportunity as a cannabusiness entrepreneur.

Get on the inside fast, learning direct from those who have been there, done that in the green revolution. All with the no-hype style of MJBizDaily, the top name in marijuana business news.

Have an idea for a future topic or guest? Email us at MJBizDailyPodcast@MJBizDaily.com.

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Episode List

Guest Star: Sara Gullickson, CEO, The Cannabis Business Advisors
Posted December 2, 2021
Guest Star: Jill Ellsworth, founder and CEO, Willow Industries
Posted November 18, 2021
Guest Star: Matt Hawkins, CEO, Entourage Effect Capital/Interim CEO & Chair, Harborside
Posted November 11, 2021
Guest Star: Lilach Mazor Power, CEO, Giving Tree Dispensary
Posted November 4, 2021
Guest Star: Jim Makoso, CEO of Flowe Technologies/Director at Lucid Lab Group
Posted October 28, 2021
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