Poll: 74% of US voters support bill protecting state-legal marijuana programs

Public support for a states’ rights approach to marijuana legalization is solidifying, at a time when momentum is building in Congress for exactly such reform.

Nearly three in four American voters (74%) support legislation that would protect states with legal medical and recreational marijuana programs from federal prosecution, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

Sen. Cory Gardner, a Colorado Republican, and Elizabeth Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, plan soon to introduce a bipartisan bill that would provide states with the authority to decide on marijuana laws for themselves.

Gardner said recently he received personal support from President Trump for the approach.

Separately, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, has said he would introduce legislation that includes a states’ rights approach.

Despite public support and momentum on the Hill, some experts remain skeptical that MJ federal reform will occur before the midterm elections in November.

John Hudak, a senior fellow at Brookings Institution, a Washington DC think tank, recently said that he just doesn’t think Congress “has the appetite” to take on the issue.

The new Quinnipiac survey also found that U.S. voters now support legalization by a 63% to 33% margin, up 2 percentage points since an August 2017 survey.  Support for medical marijuana remained unchanged at 93%.

“Voters are more favorable to legalizing marijuana than in any previous Quinnipiac University survey,” Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a news release.

The phone survey of 1,193 U.S. voters nationwide has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

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3 comments on “Poll: 74% of US voters support bill protecting state-legal marijuana programs
  1. Robert L Reed on

    This is nothing more than CONTINUED SMOKE & MIRRORS to get Re-Elected. There are currently OVER 30 bills FILED in #Congress, some OVER A YEAR OLD that have never been heard in committee!
    It is time for the American Public to demand ACTION but as was evident with the last Federal Request For Input 99% WILL NOT!

  2. Ali on

    I myself have post-traumatic stress diagnosed, and yes using marijuana does help the symptoms with the disorder. It’s quite simple to see that something (marijuana) purely natural will not harm a person’s body like pharmaceutical medications. I’ve obviously known this for many years that marijuana is not harmful to a person’s body. It’s a plant that people should be allowed to grow under their own personal care if wanted to be. Simply regulated how it needs to be and just move on with life.

  3. Jason on

    Fantastic! This certainly shows the changes in public opinion and acceptance of cannabis in general, but what’s really exciting is the 93% support for medical marijuana! Hopefully polling numbers like these, as well as the growing body of research supporting the efficacy of cannabis as medicine, will lead to federal rescheduling and full reciprocity between states with medical marijuana laws.

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