Polls: Majority support for cannabis in FL, NH, Canada

A recent trio of polls suggest that attitudes toward cannabis reform continue to spread, with support for marijuana legalization evident in Florida, New Hampshire and Canada.

In Florida, 65% of voters said they will vote for one of the two medical marijuana legalization efforts being pushed in the state, compared to 28% who are against such measures, according to Public Policy Polling. A referendum in that state needs 60% of the vote to be adopted. According to the study, MMJ legalization has the support of Democrats, 75%-18%, independents, 70%-22%, and Republicans, 53%-40%.

In New Hampshire, a WMUR news poll found that 62% of state voters support adult-use marijuana legalization, while 72% of those pro-legalization voters said they would like to see recreational marijuana sold by state-licensed stores, similar to alcohol.

In Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working on recreational marijuana legalization, 68% of 1,000 voters polled by Nanos Survey said they support some form of legalization, The Globe and Mail reported. The polling firm also found that respondents would prefer that cannabis be sold out of dedicated marijuana dispensaries or pharmacies, as opposed to state-controlled liquor stores, an option pushed by some government leaders.