Potency Isn’t the Future of Cannabis

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As marijuana use broadens across the age and culture spectrum, the products that will get the most traction are not the ones that get the most attention: namely, very high potency cannabis.

Rather, many of the more popular products will be – and already are – much milder, according to one San Francisco blog that took a look at California’s, Colorado’s and Washington State’s markets.

“It’s kind of like everclear. Everyone knows it exists, but who sits down with a bottle of everclear on a Friday night to get some relaxation?” Amanda Reiman, a public health researcher at UC Berkeley, told the blog. “As people become more sophisticated in their use this kind of thing will peter out.”

Reiman contends that the vast majority of marijuana consumers are passing over products that have 30% THC in favor of, say, edibles that have only 5 milligrams THC and deliver about the same kick as one or two alcoholic drinks.

“As adults, the goal isn’t necessarily to be intoxicated,” Reiman said.