Senate Supports ‘Preferred Vendor’ Bill Aimed at Boosting Training for Colorado Cannabis Workers

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Colorado lawmakers are backing a proposal to establish a voluntary training program for medical marijuana businesses, which supporters say will bring more legitimacy and professionalism to the cannabis industry.

The state Senate voted this afternoon to approve the so-called ‘preferred vendor’ proposal, with 24 lawmakers supporting the initiative and 11 opposing it. Such strong support in the Senate bodes well for the fate of the bill as it heads to the House for further debate.

If passed, the proposal will create a program allowing dispensaries and other medical cannabis companies to receive a special “preferred vendor” designation once all their workers have taken a state-approved training course. The designation would give the businesses a bit more credibility, and the state would agree to go easier on them if they run afoul of MMJ regulations.

The Senate committee reviewing the proposal delayed voting on the issue last week for undisclosed reasons.