Proposal Would Pave Way for Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries in MMJ-Friendly Cities

, Proposal Would Pave Way for Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries in MMJ-Friendly Cities

Perhaps there’s some hope for the medical cannabis industry in Michigan after all.

A Republican state lawmaker is introducing a bill today that would allow individual cities to decide if medical marijuana dispensaries can operate within their boundaries. Under the bill, municipalities could also set up regulations covering the location of dispensaries and possibly institute other operational rules.

The proposal by Rep. Mike Callton comes just two weeks after the state Supreme Court essentially ruled that MMJ centers are illegal under Michigan’s medical marijuana laws, a devastating decision that could force all of the estimated 75-100 dispensaries currently operating to close.

What’s particularly encouraging about the latest bill is that it has an unusually high level of bipartisan support: Eight Democrats and eight Republicans are co-sponsoring the measure. That gives this proposal a much better chance at passage than a similar one that died in committee last year.

But that doesn’t mean the bill will sail through the legislature. The state attorney general is a vociferous opponent of dispensaries and plans to send out letters to all county prosecutors in Michigan instructing them to close dispensaries in light of the court ruling. A spokeswoman for Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office also told the Detroit Free Press last week that they see no need for new legislation at this time.

At the very least, expect a vigorous debate on the issue.

So far, reports indicate that only a handful of dispensaries have closed their doors as a result of the Supreme Court ruling. Many are waiting to see how the state and local law enforcement officials respond.

There’s a chance that some cities will basically ignore the Supreme Court ruling and in effect look the other way while dispensaries continue to operate. But that situation can only exist for so long, and if the state does not modify its medical marijuana rules it’s probably only a matter of time before all dispensaries in Michigan close.

14 comments on “Proposal Would Pave Way for Michigan Marijuana Dispensaries in MMJ-Friendly Cities
  1. Kenny on

    I moved back to state of Michigan because they offered medical marijuana to those who need it – now they want to close my dispensaries? What am I going to do ? My health, my bank account and my family are now affected by this now. I will no longer be able to afford to live here if this occurs.
    Please do not take away what I have left for a better chance at life.

  2. chris on

    things will only change if we tell people like bill schuette how we feel by not voting for him or better yet recall him and ask him why our votes mean nothing. we voted medical marijuana in and now he tells us that we are not allowed to purchase the thing we voted for.
    so we can use medical marijuana we just cant buy it even if we are licensed

  3. Bryan on

    I’m sorry but the way they treat these are horrible. They have a illegitimate use but are HELPING PEOPLE? I mean come on. What is the difference between Pfizer and all their side affects! What this really comes down to is someone saying no cause their Billy Bad Ass cop. No matter how the fed judges it, you shouldn’t offer something like that, then take it away. That’s total b.s. and probably really comes down to the cartels making more money, so they ban it. Then they bust em up, and sell to MS13. Weed is better than vodka or gin you get off the shelve. So why isn’t their a law in place banning that too! OH WAIT THEY ALREADY DID. Now it’s time to get marijuana out of the prohibition for good!

  4. Reg on

    In essence, the Michigan supreme court has essentially killed the medical marijuana law. Now, you have a program that can’t be utilized or administered. It’s like buying a car but you can only carry around the keys to that car. I’ve never seen something so idiotic in all of my adult life. The only information patients seem to be getting from the state is how to send them filing fees. I hope new patients are able to make informed decisions before handing over any licensing fees to the state.

  5. Teresa on

    I too moved to Mi. recently thinking it was just as progressive as Ca. There is too much apathy in the patients here. Where is the support for your dispensaries? We can`t all grow or hook up with great caregivers. Does the governor still prefer to lock up and re-educate half of the population here?

  6. Robert Tawney on

    The sad truth is all of our courts are hopelessly wont believe the scale of it until you go through that illegal meat grinder.when circuit court judges are insulated by the very instrument that is expose to watchdog them,when you cant complain in any way they are untouchable,like judge gardner.corrupt.the whole court is a joke of justice.How much justice can you afford?

  7. Larry Foster on

    My family left Michigan in the late 1970’s early 1980’s because of the lack of jobs and a devastating economy, we moved back to Michigan when things improved but now with the lack of job’s, lack of education, another financial devastating economy and the lack of the State Government not abiding by the voter’s of Michigan (63% in favor of Medical Marijuana)a Governor who is out to sell the State of Michigan off to anyone and a State Attorney General who does what ever he want’s to do, even if the people of the State of Michigan tell him to leave things alone. It has been made clear that it is time to leave Michigan again and this time for good as it has become a Police State with no regard for it’s citizen’s. Last one out of Michigan Please Turn Off The Light’s. Our whole family is in the process of leaving Michigan, a total of twenty three (23) people and we know we are not the only ones to be leaving or who have already left. Best of luck to those who stay.

  8. Rick DiMatteo on

    I think we should look into politicians who have aided any pharmaceutical companies manufacturing chemicals that may have led to heavy addiction or death!
    I also would like to say to those same politicians . Leading from behind is NOT what we hired you to do!
    I think that they are the one’s that get paranoid when they smoke..

    So, I think if we inform them that there is pot that won’t make you so paranoid… maybe a blend of sativa and indica.. maybe.
    also, being honest and comfortable within your own skin helps!
    Just as these politicians are shaking off their “ambian” with their morning coffee, readying them selves for their “Paxil” to face the world! Do I smell a double standard? ?

  9. Cary Hill on

    I understand that many people will be hurt,if dispensaries are outlawed.But,it seems to me,that most of them will be dispensary owners and employees,and I agree,that is a bad thing.They have a rights too. But,in a very short time a patient can have any number of sources of excellent quality medicine,and very often,a more affordable price.If you can not find medicine,then you have lockede yourself in your house,and have ceased all communication with the outside world.If that is your problem,then start a fire and send smoke signals to your nearest cave neighbor.Tell them to send me an email and I will help you find a caregiver. NO CHARGE. Please be aware that my response will be delayed a day,because my remote control carrier pigeon,is in the shop getting an upgrade. Smart Ass Out Really though,if you can not find a caregiver,let me know,and I will try to help you find a caregiver in your area.I am not a caregiver,but will try to refer you to 1 near you. West Mich.mainly,but I’ll try to help anyone in Mich

  10. bobandtorey on

    i agree it;s a fine line weather you our for or against dispensaries and thats because Patients think that the owners of dispensary our trying to take away grow rights but what has happen is most not all caregivers can’t make $$ selling their overages to the stores who is going to grow and take the risk of being raided because as of today you can’s even use your card in a court room and if and when you get your case in front of a jury they won’t know if you are a patient because you can’t even say the word medical marihuana in the court room YET

  11. ralph knapp on

    since they closed down the dispensaries i cannot find a caregiver i have no way to grow and cannot afford to just buy my meds outright and the caregivers have no way to get reinbursed for their expences so now i cannot have meds unless i do it illegally

  12. Bruce Munsey on

    Michigan is so CORRUPT!!!…I moved to Florida 7 years ago and shortly thereafter the voters of Michigan passed “Medical Marijuana.”…I was almost ready to come back since I’m a top notch grower, but knowing the corrupt nature of Michigan, I KNEW they would screw it up!!!..Florida has “Medical Marijuana” on the ballot this November and we’re all looking forward to saying “goodbye and hope you die” to Rick (The Dick) Scott and bring back Charlie Crist who is FOR legalizing Marijuana…Maybe I’ll just wait and stick it out here or move to Uruguay?

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