Rec in Arizona could lead to fewer medical dispensaries

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Legalization of adult-use cannabis in Arizona this fall could lead to fewer medical dispensary storefronts across the state, according to a report by the Phoenix New Times.

The main reason is simple. Medical cannabis cards in Arizona cost patients around $300 each year. And if a sizable number of the roughly 100,000 MMJ patients decide it’s cheaper to occasionally purchase from a recreational shop, that could lead to a precipitous drop in business for dispensaries. Many could close their doors.

If Arizona voters approve the recreational ballot initiative, it’s also possible many current medical dispensaries will stop selling MMJ in favor of rec cannabis. That could further cull the dispensary herd, the New Times reported.

But it’s unclear how the future may unfold for Arizona. Polling has found that rec faces an uphill battle heading into November. And if rec succeeds, the rulemaking process will be complex. That could mean a lot of existing regulations for the cannabis industry are dropped as regulators start from scratch.