Rec marijuana will go to 2016 ballot in Nevada

With the Nevada state legislature adjourning on Friday without taking action on a proposed recreational marijuana initiative, voters will now decide whether they want to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016.

Backers had previously collected nearly 200,000 signatures to either force legislators to enact their initiative or put it on the ballot. When the lawmakers abstained from voting on the issue, the measure was automatically forwarded to next year’s ballot for a popular vote.

Under the terms of the initiative, the state Department of Taxation would oversee rec businesses, including vendors, growers, manufacturers, wholesalers and testing labs. A 15% excise tax would be applied to wholesale transactions, while retail sales would be taxed at already-established state and local rates, according to Marijuana Policy Project.

Zoning may still be an issue for some if the measure passes, since local governments will maintain control over locations for cannabis companies.

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12 comments on “Rec marijuana will go to 2016 ballot in Nevada
  1. JIMMY LIMO on

    Hey, Nevada ! The legalization laws in Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Oregon pretty much SUCK ! Baby steps are “nice’… but as long as we have to HIDE in our homes to smoke cannabis, while drunks can get BLOTTO in casinos, bars, restaurants, concerts, sporting events, and select parks and beaches, pot is not being “regulated just like alcohol”, as Mason Tvert likes to brag ! When is the legalization movement going to GROW A PAIR and propose a law that lets cannabis be consumed ANYWHERE that alcohol can be consumed ? If I’m going to drop a few hundred $$$ in a casino, I want to fire up a fatty on the casino floor LEGALLY ! It’s been 45 YEARS since Woodstock, and I’m getting tired of the hypocrisy and inequality !

  2. Juan on

    Face it, Marijuana will never be allowed on the casino floor or any public place because marijuana stinks! Alcohol does not.

  3. Jay Matts on

    No one expects marijuana to be allowed on casino floors or in public places. States where its legal don’t let marijuana consumption take place in public… but it will be legal so you should learn to deal with it. The smell alone is not going to keep something illegal, look at Sriracha. Sure alcohol doesn’t stink, but it kills an earth-shattering amount of people. The numbers are in the tens of thousands every year which means alcohol has killed more people in the last few decades than all the wars combined. And you support this? Your using alcohol as the better alternative than a skunky smell? Juan Juan Juan…

  4. frankii on

    And for the record alcohol does reek and not to mention the ciggarette smoke in casinos stinks as well so what’s the big deal?

  5. Muttering Nye Co on

    Jimmy, I agree with you 100%. I have been in Vegas area for over 30 years, and our laws suck so bad it’s unreal. I have had my MM card for 3 years, I got tired of taking morphine, oxyCoton, Valium, for almost 10 years due to work related accident. Now jump to today NO MORE NARCOTICS, NONE, just because of a little flower, but where are the dispensaries? Thank God I have a green thumb, lol I grow my own, BUT, there Now many ways to smoke Anywhere, and I mean Anywhere. Now thanks for portable Vape Pens, you can use Hash Oil in tank and blaze dam near anywhere or time, real slick Bro. I have been able to medically DETOX THANKS DOCTORS FOR MAKING ME A JUNKIE, am off all drugs and blaze after my first cigarette of the day, feels great, NO MORE NARCOTICS, AND no MORE NARCOTICS, life is as normal as normal is. NEVADA, get out and VOTE for 100% legalization and roll the dice, help us VETS with pain and give the people the RIGHT to decide.

  6. arbitrary k on

    I live close to the nevada border. I would love to move to nevada and contribute my tax dollars to that great state should it legalize recreational cannabis use. Peace of Mind would be worth the commute i would have to make everyday.

  7. calicorock on

    I would move to Nevada as long as their legalization scheme doesn’t turn out to be as anti medical patient as Washington became following legalization. What a mistake legalization was here. Colorado is no better, Denver cop’s arrested 166 people for getting high downtown on 4/20, and is cracking down on grower’s and limiting canopy. This is the face of American fascism via State marijuana legalization. We’ll see if Oregon gets it right. Their legislature is following Washington’s example of trying to kill medical and force everyone into a state cartel store.

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