Recreational Marijuana Polling Well in California

Support for recreational marijuana is growing in California as advocates attempt to get a legalization bill on the 2016 ballot.

A new study from the Public Policy Institute of California found record-high support for recreational cannabis legalization in the state, with 53% of respondents saying they support repealing prohibition. Support from likely voters is even higher, coming in at 55%.

In 2010, a measure to legalize recreational marijuana came up just short, garnering 47% of the vote.

Among other encouraging findings from the poll:

  • For the first time, a majority (52%) of those 55 and older support legalization, an increase of 10 percentage points since 2010.
  • Support for legalization among younger voters has increased as well, from 56% five years ago to 61% today.
  • Bay area residents’ support has also grown, hitting 64% vs. 56% in 2010.
  • GOP backing for legalization has exploded by 10 percentage points since 2010, coming in at 44% (among Democrats, support is at 63%, and for independents it’s at 57%).