RI Lawmakers to Propose MJ Legalization Bill

Lawmakers in Rhode Island plan to introduce bills this week that would legalize recreational marijuana in the nation’s smallest state.

The bills, one slated for the state’s House of Representatives and the other in the Senate, are in response to a proposal last week by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo to track medical marijuana plants and charge patients an annual fee of $150 for each plant they grow, according to the Associated Press. Raimondo also proposed charging caregivers an annual fee of $350 for each plant they grow.

The sponsors of the bills, Rep. Scott Slater of Providence and Sen. Joshua Miller of Cranston, say it would be wrong to tax medical marijuana patients, and say their legalization bills would tax recreational users instead.

Patients and cannabis advocates in the state criticized Raimondo’s proposal as unfair and illogical.

“We tax alcohol, but not prescription medications,” said Jared Moffat, director of Regulate Rhode Island. “Similarly, it makes little sense to extract revenue from sick people who need marijuana as a medicine while keeping marijuana that is used for fun untaxed and in the illicit market.

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One comment on “RI Lawmakers to Propose MJ Legalization Bill
  1. Herbert Anthony on

    Calling social use RECREATIONAL puts a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Who do you know goes to a bar to drink RECREATIONALLY? It is a social ice-breaker, as well as medicine. It helps relieve stress, pain and many other afflictions of man. Hemp on the other hand could put Rhode Island on the map… Industrial Hemp…. ————————————————— This bill would also allow the cultivation and production of industrial hemp. THIS IS THE PART WHICH ALL RHODE ISLAND CAN BENEFIT.
    Industrial Hemp was the most important crop in the beginning of our country. George Washington wrote to (Rhode (Island’s own) Gilbert Stuart to make sure to plant large hemp crops because it was used for many types of materials including ROPE. I’d like to see Rhode Island start the NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION… Plus,,, Hemp is one of the BEST crops for producing very affordable Biofuels. (Henry Ford not only produced an automobile comprised of a large percent hemp fiber and mixed into a moldable compound which is said to me 100 X’s stronger than steel and very lightweight and he ran a fleet of cars on only a few acres of hemp.) LET’S PUT RHODE ISLANDERS BACK TO WORK and stop the Unconscionable Criminalization of Everyone who chooses the safest substance used as a vice.. and I DO NOT CALL IT RECREATIONAL —– IT IS SOCIAL USE just as one might go have a SOCIAL DRINK… Have you ever heard anyone say “I’m gonna go to the bar and drink some RECREATIONAL BEERS?

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