Scotts huddles with EPA about offering marijuana pesticides

Lawn care giant Scotts Miracle-Gro, which has made a string of cannabis-related acquisitions, is now looking to get into another industry niche, albeit a controversial one: pesticides.

Scotts CEO Jim Hagedorn said during a conference call with analysts that his company has been in talks with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about creating a pesticide that can be used on cannabis, the Columbus (Ohio) Business Journal reported.

Scotts’ proposal is significant because the cannabis industry has no standard rules governing pesticide use. The EPA regulates pesticides in the United States but has not authorized their use on cannabis because the plant is illegal on a federal basis.

“We’ll be the only ones offering pesticidal products that can be used on cannabis,” Hagedorn told analysts while discussing the company’s earnings, according to the Columbus Business Journal. “So I think that’s an opportunity for us.”

For its 2016 fiscal year, Ohio-based Scotts rang up $2.84 billion in revenue, the Columbus Business Journal reported. Some of the company’s revenue growth has come from ancillary grow equipment and supply companies acquired by Scotts’ subsidiary Hawthorne Gardening.

Banking giant JPMorgan, meanwhile, repeated its “overweight” rating for Scotts’ stock and boosted its price target, saying the company’s hydroponics business will continue to bolster its share value, CNBC reported.

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3 comments on “Scotts huddles with EPA about offering marijuana pesticides
  1. Seth on

    Epic failure by Scotts! EVERYONE BOYCOT THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST! Ban them ASAP! No to all pesticides on all flower!!!!!!! No to big corporations too!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

  2. numb nuts on

    also consider this in your Integrated Pest Management Program:

    a great tank mix in your IPM program is:
    serenede = brewers yeast
    azomax = neem oil
    procidic 2 and flying skull nukem bud factor x, ed rosenthols, nature cide all = chitosan based products
    pyrithrin = mum oil but will need masks and a pesticide applicators certificate
    all organic and please no spray policy on flowers in bloom

  3. yeah right.... on

    numb nuts –

    Azamax (neem oil) is a Scotts product (they bought General Hydroponics and Botanicare, and Gavita, and Black Gold, and a few other companies). I know there is knee jerk reaction to ban Scotts products because they are a big company, but they do actually have some OK things.

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