Seattle Church Sues to Close Rec Shop

Remember the church in Seattle that began staging protests outside the city’s second legal recreational marijuana store a few weeks ago? Well, it hasn’t given up. In fact, the church has escalated the battle by filing a lawsuit in an attempt to force the shop to move.

Mount Calvary Christian Center is suing Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, the city and the state Liquor Control Board, alleging that the location of the store violates zoning restrictions, according to The Seattle Times,

It’s illegal under state law for a rec shop to be within 1,000 feet of specific locations where children gather, including any “recreation center or facility.” The church contends it qualifies as a recreation center. Uncle Ike’s is roughly 250 feet from the church.

Pastor Reggie Witherspoon, the head of the church, said he’s tried talking to the Liquor Control Board and city officials about their concerns, but he’s “getting the run around.” Witherspoon said that filing suit was the church’s last option go the store to relocate or shut down.

The church has asked King County Superior Court to invalidate Uncle Ike’s business license. It also wants the court to force Seattle to establish a public input system during the licensing process for future rec stores.

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5 comments on “Seattle Church Sues to Close Rec Shop
  1. David R. on

    Washington’s going to be a regulatory mess for awhile. I don’t understand how the owners of Uncle Ike’s didn’t see trouble coming in locating close to a church but fair is fair: if no law is broken Seattle shouldn’t invent one after the fact. A “recreation center” must be defined in the law someplace, and if not, too bad for Mt. Calvary this time around.

  2. An American Citizen on

    With the potential wealth/taxes/money the State of Washington and many other branches of government including U.of W. University has in this venture, along with the owners of these businesses which are now deemed legal. This is is not a right to step on and over others, and communities rights. The vetting process was a sham, along with those individuals involved with placing the shop where it is. Using the letter of the law as an excuse for aiding in one’s personal agenda for profits as in the case of the owner of the marijuana shop and the State, does not make it right.
    After all once upon a time along with drugs being outlawed, or ignored, so was racial intermarriage, limiting or shutting down home ownership for many different ethnic groups, discriminating on job hiring practices, advocating for the poor and disadvantaged, being able to vote without obstructions, being able to eat at any restaurant, stay at any motel/hotel, not being able to attend any college you wanted, and yes even hanging innocent people. All these and more were either of legal status, or ignored. These things have been and continue to be addressed by churches, if anything they are usually the ones starting the whole conversation about it. It is a legal and moral right, and has always been a legal and moral right for churches to advocate for others behalf. In most cases those who have no political, or wealth advantage. The church has, and always had an obligation to question, dispute, disagree, protest, bring to the forefront for the health, wealth and benefit of others. Abusing the government system in the name of profits, does not make it right.

  3. bongstar420 on

    Awe…The church leader has lost some of the cultural clout they used to have.

    A tear drops my eye

    Maybe this church needs to start paying taxes if they are going to act like this.

  4. Dave Jiles on

    Just what are the Pastors concerns ?
    Does he think cannabis is evil ? Will scumbags come invade his church ?
    Get over your fears ! God put it on the earth for us to use.

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