Seattle Church Sues to Close Rec Shop

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Remember the church in Seattle that began staging protests outside the city’s second legal recreational marijuana store a few weeks ago? Well, it hasn’t given up. In fact, the church has escalated the battle by filing a lawsuit in an attempt to force the shop to move.

Mount Calvary Christian Center is suing Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, the city and the state Liquor Control Board, alleging that the location of the store violates zoning restrictions, according to The Seattle Times,

It’s illegal under state law for a rec shop to be within 1,000 feet of specific locations where children gather, including any “recreation center or facility.” The church contends it qualifies as a recreation center. Uncle Ike’s is roughly 250 feet from the church.

Pastor Reggie Witherspoon, the head of the church, said he’s tried talking to the Liquor Control Board and city officials about their concerns, but he’s “getting the run around.” Witherspoon said that filing suit was the church’s last option go the store to relocate or shut down.

The church has asked King County Superior Court to invalidate Uncle Ike’s business license. It also wants the court to force Seattle to establish a public input system during the licensing process for future rec stores.